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Hello there! Here you will find my process of design games! Right now I will be working on a video game about dreams and nightmares, which will be called “Misho and the Forest of Dreams”!

Latest Update

Refined Game Idea

The Essential Experience of my game will be “overcoming fears“. This doesn’t mean that I will be creating a horror game. It would be more of a journey in an unknown world. You may not be afraid of the monsters you see, but your character is! You, as a player, need to figure a way […]

Here is some of my latest work!

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This day we looked at investigative puzzles and how they are made. We had an interesting presentation, that showed us a puzzle about dogs. This was the puzzle that we had to solve for our first task of the day. I used the clues provided on the image and started putting “X” and check marks […]

Blender Environment Assignment

First I watched the tutorials again to try and remember some of the techniques and how Venny used them. Then I decided to see if there are any other similar tutorials on YouTube. There I find one more, which was very interesting. After that I started thinking what I want to do for my own […]

Blender Workshop

On this day we had a professional industry guest, Venny, who made very interesting and helpful tutorial videos about Blender and Alt-modelling. There were three videos in total, which showed us how to create hard surfaces, organic modules and even whole cities. All of it is done with modifier properties and experimenting with their options. […]

Dialog Systems

This week we had to create our own dialog system. The requirements were the following: start response layer and 2 dialog response layers. Each of the dialog response layers should have 3 response nodes and each of these nodes should have either 1 to 3 player response options. At the end we needed to have […]

Blender – Sculpting a skull

This post will be updated soon! This part was extremely difficult for me. It took me so much time to do only a small part of the retopology. It’s a lot harder than it looks in the tutorial. I don’t really have the motivation to continue adding, extruding, resizing faces for the next two hours, […]

Blender – Finishing the Sword

This post will be updated! The process will be described soon. I started watching the final part of the free course on YouTube, in which I had to create the whole environment scene and camera animation. The first step was to set up the Camera. I used the camera viewport and locked it so that […]


Today we had the following assignment: Develop your own scenario for Markov Chains. Create an initial state matrix and transition matrices Document your design thinking and how you derived the values you used This is my matrix idea: First, I came up with the idea of creating a NPC that is searching for the main […]

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